I offer only five spots for in person once a week Thursday 10:30am-11:30am at my studio in the New North End in Burlington VT, however if you are looking for a comprehensive self-guided program at home without the live class you can sign up for this and just skip the live class. 


This program is a strength training program for pregnancy and birth. The program was designed to help you stay strong during pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your child. 


3x workouts per week delivered to your True Coach App ( free for clients to download). Once you purchase the program you will recieve an invite to download the app and set up your profile. Workouts will start loading  Monday June 14th.


1x LIVE workout at the studio every Thursday for a maximum of 5 people.


In this program we include:

* Breathwork & Visualization

* Pelvic Floor & Core Support 

* Functional movement patterns

* A variety of labor and birth movements & positions to practice before the baby comes

* A  community of supportive mamas joining you on this journey


You will need access to equipment:


Kettlebells 2x small same size /1x large

Yoga/Exercise Mat

Swiss Exercise Ball  ( aka large birth ball)

Bench or Chair

Bands ( loop bands one small, one large)

Pillow or a yoga bolster


***If you would like a list of equipment and where to purchase it please feel free to email shiftwellstudio@gmail.com and I'll send you my favorites!



Expecting STRONG - 12 Week Prenatal Program

  • At this time we can't refund you for a program you signed up for but are unable to attend, however we are happy to give you a credit to use on our other programs and training offerings.